Sizzling Symphony

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A Collage of Flavors in Our Sour Hotpot
Tomato,chilly,pepper,sichuan pepper
Step into a world of explosive flavors with our vibrant illustration showcasing the tantalizing ingredients of our signature Sour Hotpot at Outside the mountains (山的山之外) in Guangzhou. Created in a bold and bright collage style, this visual feast promises to ignite your taste buds and transport you to a culinary adventure.
The illustration bursts with lively colors, capturing the essence of each carefully selected ingredient. Fiery reds,Sichuan pepper,Garlic and lively greens dance together to celebrate the diverse components that make  Sour Hotpot an unforgettable dining experience.From the savory zest of fresh tomato to the robust reds of spicy chili peppers, every element is meticulously arranged in a dynamic composition. The collage style brings a sense of playfulness and excitement, reflecting the lively atmosphere of the restaurant.
Vector drawing plan
Vector drawing plan
Photoshop drawing
Photoshop drawing
Outside of the mountain
Final Illustration

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