The red-pink theme infuses each sticker with a dynamic energy, symbolizing the fusion of passion and creativity in the world of videoing and branding. From bold crimson to delicate blush, the color palette sets the stage for a lively and engaging visual narrative that captures the essence of our client's brand ethos.
The stickers seamlessly integrate branding elements, featuring the company's logo in a playful yet sophisticated manner. The visuals convey the spirit of the brand, ensuring that each sticker is not just an accessory but a reflection of our client's identity in the realm of video production.
The breakfast-for-dinner concept is ingeniously woven into the stickers, with whimsical depictions of iconic breakfast items and interview-related symbols. Think ham and eggs mingling with microphones and film reels – a delightful representation of the unconventional and creative approach our client brings to the interview process.
The illustrations in this sticker set are not merely static images; they're dynamic storytelling tools. Each sticker tells a story, whether it's a stylized coffee cup symbolizing the start of a brand new day or a film reel transforming into a plate of pancakes, signifying the unexpected joys of breaking norms.

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