Learning spanish from food/Spanish food from A-Z
Planning, Concept 

My project goals

Some questions I want to solve in this food project
1. Choose the dish you can actually cook

I want to have these elements in this project
1. Recipe drawing
2. Food drawing
3. Storyboarding
4. Typography

Who will be the audience?
1. Spanish learning starter

Idea 1: A-Z Spanish food (22 dishes)
A for Aioli (sauce)
B for Butifarra(dish)
C for Churros(dessert)
D for Dorada al horno(dish)
E for  En Escabeche(dish)
F for Fabada(dish)
G for Gazpacho(soup)
H for Helado (dessert)
I for Idiazabal (starter)
J for Jamon
L for Limón (dessert)
M for Mero a la parrilla(dish)
N for Natillas(dessert)
O for Orujo(drink)
P for Pan con tomate(dish)/Paella(dish)
Q for Queso(starter)
R for Revuelto/Romesco (sauce)
S for Sangria(drinks)
T for Tortilla/Tarte(dessert)
U for Uvas al Pedro Ximenez y Crema de Manchego(dessert)
V for Vieiras en su Concha (dish)
Z for Zarzuela de Mariscos(dish)
How to categorize your dishes/ideas?

-Condensing text
Design, Development
-Doodling+Sketching on Procreate
-Colour theory
-Converting thumbnails into sketches
Minor refinement
Final artwork
Professional development
-Finding an agent
-Contacting potential clients
-Contracts, advances and royalties
-Presenting your work

Eating The Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z (Voyager Books)

An Alphabet for Gourmets 

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